How To Keep Carpets Cleaner

Carpet stains are just a part of life. Whether someone spilled a drink, dropped a plate of food, or your pet couldn’t make it outside, River City Chem-Dry serving all of Spokane County can remove the stain from your carpet.

But how do you keep your carpets cleaner between cleanings? Here are some tips and tricks from River City Chem-Dry to protect your carpet from everyday use and abuse.

Have door mats at every door!

Not surprising, most of the dirt in your carpet comes from outside. The first line of defense to keep your carpets cleaner is by having a doormat. Now doormats can’t keep all the dirt outside, but they definitely help. Just make sure your doormats are clean so they can do their job!

Make sure to vacuum your carpets!

Vacuuming on a regular basis will help protect your carpet and keep them from looking dingy. Vacuuming removes dirt and soil that damage your carpet fibers and carpet pad. If you want your carpets to look better and last longer it is important to vacuum regularly.

Don’t wear shoes inside!

If you want to keep your carpets clean you could instigate a no shoes in the house policy. Have slippers near your door and encourage your family to switch into them.

Call in a professional carpet cleaner

Professionally cleaning your carpets regularly prolongs the life of your carpet. It is especially important when your carpets get stained. If you get coffee, ink, oil, grease, gum, or even nail polish on your carpet it is best to contact River City Chem-Dry for both advice, and to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Online there are many ideas on how to clean your carpets. What they don’t tell you is that some of their tips can make your carpets worst! It will look like the stain is gone, but then in a few months it comes back. The best way to get a stain out is to call in the professional carpet cleaners like River City Chem-Dry serving all of Spokane county!

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Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

Furniture is an important part of any room, but it can get so dirty! If your sofa needs to be professionally cleaned, the upholstery cleaning service from Chem-Dry can be the answer. Chem-Dry’s upholstery cleaning process breaks down years of built-up dirt and grime in upholstery fabrics. This professional upholstery cleaning service is highly effective and can make your sofa, chairs, and other upholstery furniture look and smell fresh again.

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture upholstery can trap in dirt, allergens and even soils. These substances wear down the fibers of your upholstery and dull the appearance. Upholstery cleaning from River City Chem-Dry can revive your furniture and it will look cleaner and smell better too! 

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Holiday Carpet Cleaning

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good idea to get your carpets cleaned before the holiday rush. We often get calls asking if we can come clean the carpets right away, but we are often booked out. Get on our schedule now so you can have clean, fresh-smelling carpets when your guests arrive.

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Remove carpet and upholstery stains before the holidays!

It is getting close to the holidays and your guests will be coming over soon. Your carpets and upholstered furniture may have dirt and stains embedded in them. River City Chem-Dry is here to clean your carpets and upholstery before all your guests arrive. Now if your guests happen to spill, you can count on us to remove them after they go home.

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Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty. Sometimes the carpet dirtiness is obvious, but oftentimes you can’t tell unless you get down to smell it. Your carpet is dirty before you can even see that it is. Carpet fibers conceal the dirt down into their fibers. Then it remains trapped in your carpet until you have it professionally cleaned. If you wait too long the dirt can cause damage to your carpet and dull the color. 

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Deep Carpet Cleaning

Everyday your carpet is underfoot. It tells a story about where you have been and the activities your family has done. Like muddy feet, the spilled soda, or your dog that had an accident. Spot cleaning, regular vacuuming, and stain-removal products can help your carpets look clean between professional carpet cleaning. River City Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning can remove the dirt, grime and evidence of all the accidents, and can help clean up dirt, allergens and odors that are deep in the carpet.

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Who should I call to clean my carpets?

The dirtier your carpet is the more it’s going to cost to have it cleaned properly. Imagine not cleaning your kitchen for a week, or a month or a year! How dirty would it be? How difficult would it be to clean? The same goes for your carpet. If you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned in years, It will take extra time and effort to do the job properly. River City Chem-Dry professionally cleans carpet with our proprietary cleaning products and processes.

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Professional Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine and Messes

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How to get wax out of carpet

Oh no! Your favorite candle was somehow knocked over, dripping wax on your carpet! What do you do? First of all, do not panic. Here are easy to follow steps for removing wax from carpet.

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Are you making these common disinfecting mistakes

If you’re like most people, you didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about disinfecting before 2020. Most of us grabbed a familiar product off the store shelf and didn’t think twice about it.

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